As you are trying to decide which program is best for you, don't forget to consider these things:

Once you have been accepted by a program and are making travel plans, it's very important that you complete the following:

  • "I think the most important part of studying abroad is being challenged - by new cultural norms, new styles in the classroom, new experiences, and unexpected twists and turns. I think being challenged when we study abroad helps us learn what we are capable of overcoming and shows us that we can be the best versions of ourselves in any context. I don’t think studying abroad should always be easy; I think it should change you."
    Emma Schultz
  • "For me, study abroad was the beginning of my future: I arrived to my study abroad destination passionate about the courses I had taken for my sociology degree, but with no clue what I wanted to do after graduation. Learning and living in a different style than what I was used to in the US gave me the perspectives I needed to push my passions beyond the classroom. Now, my future plans are a cause of excitement rather than anxiety as I am beginning my own career in international education".
    Ellen Heistch