According to Article 11 of APUNE Statutes, programs must be evaluated by an APUNE evaluation team every seven years. The evaluation committee, composed of three program directors, evaluates and reviews the following program components:

• Academic calendar
• Class schedules
• Course offerings
• Course syllabi
• Program policy and procedures (attendance, exams, etc.)
• Grading system
• Student course evaluations
• CV of professors or summary of merits
• List of students to select randomly for interviews
Student Welfare and Administration
• Program brochure
• Online resources
• Program calendars
• Student orientation materials
• Program evaluation forms
• Program evaluation results or summaries (if available)
• Internship evaluations (if applicable)
• Program activities (excursions, cultural events, and others)
• Student housing evaluations
• Staff job descriptions
• Financial structure
• Proof of legal status if not in APUNE files
After the evaluation, the committee completes the program evaluation report and sends it to the program in Spain. It is a customary courtesy to permit the director of the evaluated university to see the report. In case there is strong disagreement with any of the parts of the report the evaluation team will reconsider the comments and disagreements and modify the report if they consider it necessary. After signing the report, the original will be sent to APUNE so that copies can be forwarded to the home campus and any other pertaining officials, as instructed by the evaluated program director.