Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee will be chosen among the directors of the programs in Spain and will exercise their functions for one year. This period of time may be extended an additional year if the members of the General Assembly so decide.

The Executive Committee shall have the following functions and powers:


The Association is made up of Northern American "Study Abroad" programs that are members with full rights, associated institutions that are Spanish institutions are interested in the association, and collaborators, which are those companies that are interested in providing support to the profile of the students who participate in the programs of APUNE.
  • Members

  • All the programs accredited by the North American university institutions that have been established legally in Spain, and all the programs of those North American organizations in Spain that have not been established by specific university institutions if not in consortiums of several universities.

  • Honorary Members

  • Individuals and institutions that because of their social or scientific relevance can contribute to the proper functioning of APUNE through the contribution of their knowledge.

  • Associated Institutions

  • All non-profit academic or cultural institutions whose collaboration is beneficial and whose objectives are in accordance with Article 2 of the Statutes of the Association shall have the status of associated institutions.

  • Collaborators

  • Those companies that wish to collaborate monetarily and that comply with the requirements of the Association.