On the 25th of February, APUNE, along with the University of Córdoba and the “Programa de Estudios Hispanicos en Córdoba” (PRESHCO, a consortium of Wellesley and Smith Colleges) will be celebrating its 10th meeting between Spanish Universities and U.S. Study Abroad Programs, coinciding with the University’s Faculty of Philosophy and Letters 40th anniversary and PRESHCO’s 50th anniversary.
In this 10th Meeting, we want to address how Spain and the Iberian Peninsula in general have been, and continues to be, the scene of coexistence of different cultures, in a continuous process of search for an identity formed by many identities and, on occasions, complex coexistence.


The 10th Meeting will take place in the University of Córdoba. There is no better city to discuss the dialogue of cultures than the city of Córdoba, whose monumental area reflects the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of the peninsular past in such a unique way.
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